The desert biome is actually an ecosystem which forms every year because of the low level of rainfall. Usually, this desert covers an area about 20% of the earth. The most interesting thing about the desert biome facts are very hot temperature in the daytime and very cold at night time. In the biomes, there are four main types of desert available such as cold, coastal, semiarid and hot and dry. All these deserts are able to inhibit animal as well as plant life to survive in that desert area. One of the largest deserts in the desert biome is the Sahara desert which covers over 300 million square miles. In the biomes desert, the vegetation does not grow very tall so it can only accommodate small animals, reptiles and rodents.

During the daytime, these small animals are hiding under small scrubs or in burrows to escape from the harsh sun. Generally, most of the desert animals tend to be nocturnal, which is sleeping in the daytime and coming out at night time when the temperatures are very cold and more tolerable. This is because, the temperature is very hard to standing water in the desert biomes so the animals can store water in their bodies and get the water when their needs. Even, the plants are storing water in the stems that are able to grow in this desert. At some times, the dust storm occurs up to 1 mile high and it travels over a hundred miles when the wind picks up the dust from the surface.

Characteristics of desert biome

The desert biome is one of the largest deserts which covers about one fifth of the Earth’s surface and occurs rainfall which is less than 50cm per year. In the biomes desert, there are a few large mammals to survive because most of the animals are not capable of storing enough water and withstand the heat. This desert often provides a small shelter for the larger animals from the sun so the animals can easily hide from the sun. Usually, the mammals are very small, so you can mostly find in these desert areas. In the daytime, the temperature exhibits to extreme level due to little humidity in the atmosphere to block the sun rays. Even the rainfall is also very low during the long rainless period also sometimes the minimum temperature drops to -18 degree Celsius in the desert biomes.

Brief description of biome desert

The desert biomes are dried of all other deserts and it receives the very less rainfall. In biomes desert, the average temperature of daytime is 38 degree C and average of -3.9 deg C at night. This desert is located between the altitudes of North and South of the equator and its precipitation is about 250 mm of rain for each year. Normally, the desert biome facts, conditions are very severe so only rare plants are grown in that area like cacti which stores water in their stems and use it very slowly. However, the temperature may vary at sometimes depend upon the location of the desert.