We have already seen Kendall Jenner without makeup several times. We have followed the lives of the Kardashian family even when Kendall was just a tiny girl. She is now an adult and is a professional model. She appears glammed up most of the times. Nevertheless, we will never forget the times when we saw her without any makeup on her face and she still looks stunning.

No one should wonder why Kendall turned out to be the professional model in the family. She has a naturally pretty face.

Behind the thick makeup, glitz and glamor is a naturally pretty Kendall Jenner whom we all come to love and adore.

This face is freaking flawless. You can only hope to have this kind of refreshing beauty the moment you wake up in the morning.

Kendall just couldn’t do anything wrong. She can play with her looks and still be pretty. In this photo, she barely had anything on her face but she still looked amazing.

Even in a black and white photo, Kendall looks great. This is why she has easily risen to the top as a model.

People criticized Kendall, saying that she only became a model because she is a Kardashian. They forgot that she is also a stunning woman.

She is obviously still getting her hair and makeup done. Nevertheless, she can hit the stage and still looks amazing.

Perhaps, of all the Kardashians, Kendall is the least scandalous and most relatable. She has managed to maintain a clean image through the years.

Kendall has already posed nude, trying nude makeup too. Even when dressed down (or without any dres at all), she managed to look great.

There is no wonder why she became a huge model quickly. Even at a young age, she has already shown tremendous potentials.